Announcements: RULES FOR CLUBS!

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Announcements: RULES FOR CLUBS!

Post by jumpingforlife1 on Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:29 pm

Here in the club section there can be more than one club for a topic. Please, no bullying people. A lot of times, that is the number one problem. So here are the rules!
1. Club owners are responsible for what goes on in there. If youre not on a lot, assign a vice president to help out.
2. No fighting, bullying, name calling, any of that.
3. No personal info please!
4. Don't ask people their age,grade,etc.... it will lead to you getting banned!
5. No youtube links- PERIOD
6. No graphic violence - the key there is graphic. Disagreements, strife, and struggle happen ... just nothing gross or gory.
7. No romance between members keep this club romance free please!
8. Always use your best spelling, grammar, etc. We don't expect you to be perfect. We all make typos or have trouble spelling certain words. That's okay. It's not okay, however, to make frequent typos, spelling, or grammar errors simply out of laziness.
9. If you need to report anything, PM the mod for the section.(jumpingforlife1)

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